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Pilates is more than just exercise – it’s flexibility, strength, posture, balance, coordination and fun all rolled into one! Pilates is for everyone wanting to get leaner, stronger and flexible. Come work-out in this relaxed, yet challenging class.

Drop-in $15


Create Your Sankalpa

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit term in yogic philosophy that refers to a heartfelt desire, a solemn vow, or a deep resolve to do something. In this workshop you will learn how to discover your sankalpa by being guided through the steps. We start with an opening yoga routine, followed by a guided relaxation and ending with a guided meditation to bring the process to completion. Bring a blanket, a journal and a bottle of water. Approximately 120 minutes

Approximately 120 minutes

$35 per person



Cardio Sculpt is a workout designed to burn fat and build lean muscles. A combination of muscle conditioning exercises utilizing hand weights, elastics, and steps, with intervals of high and low impact cardiovascular exercises for a fun, calorie-blasting workout.



Complete care for your Core and Spine! This class will get you moving with a warm-up on the floor, activating your core and efficiently moving forward through sequences of exercises specifically designed to improve your core strength, posture and spine flexibility. We finish with a stretch sequence that opens the chest, shoulders and hips – you will leave feeling strong and standing tall. (No session on Feb 25)

Drop-in $13



Holistic fusion fitness for women! Get your sweat on with fun, easy-to-learn cardio moves inspired by Bellydance, Bollywood, African Dance, Martial Arts, and more. Then enjoy strength-building Pilates core exercises, a relaxing yoga stretch and meditation. Inspire the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Drop-in $13



Increase your fitness confidence and strength with this lower-impact class geared towards older adults looking for cardio, balance and strength training for an overall body workout. Participants must complete a PAR-Q form for health screening purposes.

For more information on personal training and one-on-one sessions, contact me.

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