All programs, personal training & special events are available online one-on-one or in groups:


Increase core strength and flexibility with this classic Pilates workout, release tight muscles, and knots with easy foam rolling techniques, and reduce stress through stretch and guided relaxation. Feel long, lean and strong inside out!


A body that is relaxed is a body that heals better and faster. A mind that opens to relaxation is a more productive and present mind. Be the change you want to see with this Whole Self workout.


Complete care for your Core and Spine! This class will get you moving with a warm-up on the floor, activating your core and efficiently moving forward through sequences of exercises specifically designed to improve your core strength, posture and spine flexibility. We finish with a stretch sequence that opens the chest, shoulders and hips – you will leave feeling strong and standing tall.


The Earth Dance is a dynamic guided meditation incorporating eastern and tribal moves as well as internal energy work. We finish the workout with Pilates inspired exercises for a strong core and a Yoga sequence for flexibility of body and mind.

special events

Create Your Sankalpa

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit term in yogic philosophy that refers to a heartfelt desire, a solemn vow, or a deep resolve to do something. In this workshop you will learn how to discover your sankalpa by being guided through the steps. We start with an opening yoga routine, followed by a guided relaxation and ending with a guided meditation to bring the process to completion. Bring a blanket, a journal and a bottle of water. Approximately 120 minutes


The Goddess Within Workshop is carved time in their busy schedule for women to reconnect with the feminine sacredness of the woman’s body, celebrate the embodiment of the Goddess and honor her strengths. We’ll start with an Earth Dance, then practice Yoga sequences to activate vital energy, balance hormones and promote peace of mind. We’ll finish with a guided visualization to invoke the spirit of the Goddess Within. Bring a blanket, a journal and a bottle of water. Approximately 120 minutes


EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TAPPING (EFT) - Self-Healing & Empowerment at Your Fingertips - 4-Week Course

EFT helps me to label, express my emotions and rechannel them. It’s a fascinating process that works incredibly well for me. Very efficient, so accurate! You can try some of the material of the course for free. You will love it! Join HERE!!

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